DK Energy
DK Energy
Energy and Power are amongst the most critical components of infrastructure that affect the growth of an economy. DK Infrastructure, a renowned organization providing infrastructure support for over 5 decades, aspired to broaden its horizon and service offerings and hence entered the energy business by founding DK Energy Private Ltd. (DKEPL). DK Energy was founded with an objective of providing outstanding services in the areas of transmission and distribution of energy.

Our Service Offering
DK Energy has a team of experts with an excellent track record for project management. We are specialists in EPC contracting and geared to undertake projects pertaining to Electrical Substations, Distribution Networks and Rural Electrification, to name a few. Our association with a range of vendors and service providers offers us the flexibility to focus on the execution of our projects. We also have the in-house expertise to offer end-to-end turnkey solutions in energy sector.
Our Projects
We spearhead projects in the following areas:

  • EPC - Transmission and Distribution of Power

  • EPC - Small Generation Projects

  • End-to-end Solutions in Solar Business

  • Project Management Consultancy

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